8 Shower Accessories You Will Absolutely Love To Have

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People In And Around Pima County, Arizona Are Adding These Shower Accessories So They Can Better Enjoy Their Relaxation Time

You work hard, long days, at least 5 days a week. What you deserve is a shower experience above and beyond the norm.

In this post, you can discover what items you can add to your shower to make it a higher-class experience. It’ll be so good you’ll want guests to use it too!

Rain shower head and hand held shower head shower accessories

8 Shower Accessories Every Great Bathroom Needs

1. Swiveling, wall-mounted towel bar

Why stop at one or two when you can have a fancy way of hanging 6 towels at once?

A swiveling, wall-mounted towel bar has elegance and function all in one. It’s unique and comes in several finishes and with a differing number of arms. 

Your towels won’t touch, keeping the dry ones dry. Clothes can also hang from it instead of on the back of your door (or stacked on the toilet). The arms can stack up against the wall to save you some room when not in use.

2. Shower caddy

You’ll love a shower caddy if you need extra storage space.

A shower caddy can hang from your shower head, or you can stick it to the wall. It depends on which type you get. It’s one of those shower accessories that are great if you need to separate your products or your niche runs out of room.

3. Rain shower head

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to shower in the rain?

You can get close with a rain shower head! They spray water straight down, simulating rain falling from the sky. Rain shower heads still shoot out streams of water, so it’s not quite the same as real rain. When it comes to rain shower heads vs normal shower heads, you may want to form your own opinion.

4. Handheld shower head

You can use these for more than just cleaning yourself!

Yes, handheld shower heads are great shower accessories for cleaning areas that are harder for normal shower heads to reach. 

They’re also a great way to get more water pressure as you bring it closer to your body. You can also use them for cleaning the shower area, pets, and people who have a harder time moving around. It’s always better to choose from the best handheld shower heads than to just buy the first one you see.

5. Waterproof bluetooth speaker

You’ll have better control over your shower tunes and volume with a waterproof speaker.

This is a favorite among shower accessories. You can hear your favorite tunes better through all the noise from the fan and the shower. If you need to lower the volume so you can talk through the door, no problem! The best waterproof shower speakers make a huge difference.

6. Luxury bathtub caddy tray

If you love baths, this will take it to the next level.

Luxury bathtub caddy trays can hold everything from books to spa accessories. You can read, drink a glass of that wine you love, and still have enough room for your skincare products.

It’s a great way to make your bath feel more spa-like.

7. Memory foam bath mat

This is one of those simple shower accessories that can make a big difference.

Everyone relates memory foam to a higher level of comfort, and with good reason. Stepping out of your hard-floored shower onto this is like going from falling asleep on the floor then moving to your bed. You’ll instantly fall in love with your memory foam bath mat.

8. Fogless shower mirror

If you want a more efficient shower, this may be one of the top shower accessories you need.

Not only can you save time, but you can also make shaving more relaxing and easier. With a fogless shower mirror, you can still relax under the warm water while you shave. No more turning the sink on and off or feeling bad for letting the water run continuously. 

Have A Higher Class Shower Experience

You work hard for your family, which is why you deserve to have the highest class of relaxation while showering. It’s also one of the few places where you can truly be at peace. You can let your mind wander as the calming water massages your worries and stress away for a while.

These shower accessories can help you reach that higher level of relaxation.

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