How Much Bathroom Cabinets Cost And Ways You Can Change It

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Long vanity with brown cabinets in bathroom

Thinking about redoing the cabinets/vanities in your bathroom? Congratulations! There are not many better places to start than with getting an idea of how much you may be spending. In this post, you’ll find how much bathroom cabinets can cost. You’ll also discover how you can change the cost.

What, Are They Vain-ities?

“Is that why you want to get new ones?” jokes Justin.

Amber smiles and nods. “Actually, yes. These dark brown cabinets don’t fit with the rest of the bathroom, which is all white and modern-looking.”

Justin’s smiles changes to surprise. “Oh, didn’t realize my joke wasn’t so much of a joke as it was a fact.” Amber winks at him. “And that’s how you do it. Now, ready to look at bathroom cabinet costs?”

Justin chuckles and nods. “Let’s do it. Then we might want to search for the best brands of cabinets too.” They get out their phones and start looking on Google for answers.

“Here we go, a local contractor has a pricing thing on their website. Let’s check it out,” says Amber. Here’s what the couple finds:

The Cost For Bathroom Cabinets

New bathroom with white cabinets

The cost for bathroom cabinets, including the vanities, can cost $100 to $275 per square foot. Any finishing work can add $50 to $100 per linear foot. For a master bathroom double-sink vanity 6 to 8 feet long, the cost can range from $500 to $3,200.

Ways You Can Change The Cost

The number of cabinets. One of the major cost factors is how many cabinets you choose or fit in the space. More cabinets mean more materials, labor, and time while fewer means less.

Materials. Plywood is a great cabinet material, but some people want to use a different material. Hardwoods are more expensive but tend to look better. Just be sure to seal any bathroom cabinets against moisture!

Complexity. Some bathrooms have layouts that make them harder or easier to work in. The cabinets themselves can be more complex. Rollouts, built-in dividers, glass doors, and other additions can increase the cost of bathroom cabinets.

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“Well, there we go then. Seems like fine numbers to me,” says Justin. Amber nods, saying “Let’s see what else we can find about bathroom cabinets on this blog.”

More bathroom cabinet posts coming soon!