Bathroom Remodeling Ideas People Did In Their Tucson Homes

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See What People In Your Area Are Doing To Create Their Dream Bathroom

You can see pictures of bathroom remodeling ideas people in Tucson had us do for their homes. One of our favorites includes a fireplace!

See them all in the post below:

The Next Great Idea

“I’ve been doing some digging and I know what we need to do next.”

Ryan finishes chewing his bite of steak before answering. “What?” Meg leans forward in her chair. “We should remodel our master bathroom. We can make it look amazing! Way better than it is right now.”

“Why should we remodel our bathroom? It’s perfectly fine as is,” Ryan says defensively. Meg rolls her eyes. “It looks like your mom’s bathroom, that’s why! It’s old-fashioned. I mean, the ideas that I saw look sooo amazing.”

“But what about the cost to remodel a bathroom?” Ryan asks.

Meg slides her phone across the table. “Check out these bathroom remodeling ideas I found first. Then we can talk cost.”

Relaxing Bathtubs

“Is that…is that a fireplace?!”

Relaxing around a fire in the woods or in front of one in the living room is always nice. But watching the flickering flames while you’re stress melts away in the tub? There’s nothing quite like it.

“Plus you get a nice view of the sky with that clear top window. It’s almost like camping but in your tub,” Ryan jokes. Meg nods and smiles dreamily at the idea.

“But, wait, what’s this?”

It’s not always about how big it is. Smaller can be better! Smaller bathtubs offer a more enclosed feeling, almost like it’s hugging you.

“Honestly, that sounds pretty comfortable. I mean, you use the bathtub more than I do, so it’s really up to you,” Ryan points out. “I’d like to separate the bathtub and shower. As for size, we’d have to see how much room we have,” Meg says.

“Speaking of showers, I think that’s next,” Ryan says as he scrolls to the next set of bathroom remodeling ideas.

Shower Remodeling Ideas

“That’s one of those rain showerheads, isn’t it?!”

Rain showerheads are rising in popularity. It feels like you’re showering in the rain (though it’s a steady stream instead of droplets). The mosaic strip running along the wall is a popular accent people enjoy.

“And look at those cubbies in the wall! It’s perfect for shampoo and stuff,” Meg says excitedly. Ryan jumps at the voice in his ear. He hadn’t noticed her moving around to be beside him. “Yeah, and the movable showerhead/hose thing is neat too!”

“Ooooo I really like the large tile design for this one.” This shower’s head is attached to a hose so you can pick it up and use it. There is a different kind of mosaic accent for this shower.

“The next set of bathroom remodeling ideas looks amazing!”

Other Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

“It looks so modern and elegant!”

Whites, grays, and blues are popular colors in bathrooms today. The natural stone look is also popular (even if it isn’t actual stone).

“I LOVE the skylight above the bathtub! You could look up and see the blue sky, raindrops, or snow falling,” Meg says excitedly. “The shower bench would keep me in there for so long,” Ryan chuckles.

“A closet in the bathroom is exactly what we need.” No more having to feel the chill going from the bathroom to the closet or worrying about getting your carpet wet. More than one vanity also makes getting ready at the same time easier.

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“We should look into bathroom remodeling costs and remodeling contractors,” Meg suggests. Ryan nods in agreement and pulls out his phone to start looking. Meg picks hers up with a small smile. Everything’s starting to come together.

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