Bathroom Trends To Avoid For Your Home In 2021 And Later

Here Are The Style Choices People In Tucson Are Taking Out Of Their Bathrooms
Old bathroom full of bathroom trends to avoid

A couple of the bathroom trends to avoid for 2021 and onward are glass blocks, flooring that isn’t tile or concrete, and granite counters.

Discover why below-

Not Like Grandma’s!

“We are NOT going back to that,” says Amber firmly.

Justin chuckles. “I’m kidding, I promise. I don’t even like that style of bathroom and I grew up with it. To make sure we don’t how about we look up bathroom trends to avoid?”

Amber’s frown softens. “That sounds like a pretty good idea. We should also look for bathroom trends for the Tucson area.” Justin nods. “Sounds like you have a pretty good idea yourself. Want to split up and get more done?” Amber nods and gets out her phone.

Here’s what Justin finds and shares with Amber:

Bathroom Trends To Avoid

Bathroom trends to avoid include this glass block shower

There are three main bathroom trends to avoid. They are glass blocks, any flooring other than tile or concrete, and granite countertops. These trends either look too old or they’re not as great for bathrooms as other choices.

Why People Avoid These Bathroom Trends

The glass block look is old, as in the ‘80s old. While the ‘80s were a fun time, the style has fallen out of favor. 

Bathroom with a tile type of flooring

You won’t want to use any other flooring besides tile (pictured above) and concrete. Many people are using luxury vinyl plank or waterproof laminate flooring. The problem with these is they can get moldy. Nobody likes mold, especially in their bathroom. Tile and concrete don’t mold or stain.

Granite countertops in bathrooms are no longer in style

Granite countertops are no longer the choice for bathrooms either. Granite is porous, meaning it has fine holes and cracks in it. This lets water, soap scum, and other stuff into the rock, creating stains and possibly damage. You can’t get rid of the stains easily either. Quartz is a much better choice.

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“I can see why people aren’t using these anymore,” says Justin. Amber nods. “I’m glad we looked! Now, what else does this blog have on it we might like to know?”