Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles And Why You’ll Want To Know

Find Out Which May Be The Best Choice For Your Home In Tucson
Shower with tile walls and floor

With ceramic vs porcelain tiles for floors and other areas, the main differences come down to cost, durability, and water-resistance.

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Which Should We Choose?

“Tile is in so we’re definitely using it in our home,” Amber points out.

Justin smiles. “I agree. The porcelain tile is going to look great.” Amber frowns. “Don’t you mean the ceramic tile is going to look great?” Justin shrugs. “I guess. It’s not like there’s a huge difference between ceramic vs porcelain tiles.”

Amber pulls out her phone and starts searching on Google. “I’m not sure about that. It might be best to look it up, just to make sure, as we did with hardwood vs engineered flooring. Don’t want to put the wrong tile in the wrong place.”

Justin walks over so he can see too. “I like the way you think. I wonder which we’ll end up choosing.”

After searching for a while, here’s what the two find out about ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles

For starters, porcelain is technically a subtype of ceramic. Ceramic tiles are easier to stand on and chip, more customizable, and some say more artful than porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are more durable, more water-resistant, pricier, and harder to work with than ceramic tiles.

Tile backsplash in kitchen

Ceramic Tiles Pros And Cons

Ceramic tile is great for walking and standing on because it’s a softer material (sounds weird, right?) It’s very customizable too. You can find ceramic tile that looks like wood, stone, and with many designs and even textures! It’s also cool to the touch, making it great for warmer climates.

Tile shower wall with nook

Ceramic tiles also have a lower price point than porcelain tiles. This is because it’s softer, not as water-resistant, and not as strong.

While ceramic tiles wear down a bit faster, they’re still a great option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Porcelain Tiles Pros And Cons

Porcelain tiles are heavy, durable, and water-resistant. They’ll last for a long time and look good doing it. Since it’s the same color all the way through, even if it chips you won’t be able to see it easily.

Tile shower floor and seat in shower

All of these benefits do make it more expensive. It costs more to make because it uses better material and it takes longer to make. This also means you need special tools for cutting it. This rules out the DIY option.

What They Have In Common

Besides being made in a kiln, the only real commonality is maintenance ease. All they really need is the occasional sweep and mop. It’s good to give them a deeper clean with a mild detergent once a month.

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“So it seems to come down to cost and durability, maybe comfort too,” Justin sums up. Amber nods. “Now that we know this, let’s see what else we can find out.”