The True Cost Of Remodeling A Bathroom In Tucson

These Are The Factors That Change The Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel
Beautiful bathroom remodel in Tucson

The cost of remodeling a bathroom can be between $2,500-$23,000. But that’s nationally. You can find out the cost in Tucson and what can make it change.

The factors (and what the cost can be) are in the article below.

But WHY?

“Why do bathroom remodels cost this much?!”

Chris and Jess are getting ready to remodel their master bathroom. Like most people about to do a project of this scale, they’re trying to get a feel for how much it’ll cost. They’ve already seen some great bathroom project photos but they want pricing information now.

Smaller bathroom remodel done in Tucson

“The internet says the national average is around $10,000, but I don’t know why,” Chris says. If they’re going to spend thousands of dollars they want to know what they’ll be spending it on. “I know I’d feel more comfortable if I had more information,” Chris finishes.

“Let’s find out then!” Jess replies. She slides out her phone, goes onto Google, and types in ‘cost of remodeling a bathroom in Tucson.’

Here is what she finds.

Cost For A Bathroom Remodel In Tucson

The average cost for remodeling a bathroom in Tucson is $10,000. Smaller bathrooms can be as low as $5,000 while larger ones can be $25,000 and up.

Factors Changing The Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel

  1. Bathroom size
  2. The region you live in
  3. Materials
  4. Complexity
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“The size part is pretty obvious. The bigger it is the more materials and time you need, which is why it’ll cost more,” Chris says matter-of-factly.

Actually, small bathrooms can be more expensive than many people realize. Smaller bathrooms are harder to move around and work in. Only 2 people can really fit and work in smaller bathrooms, meaning it will take longer than people think to remodel it.

“Wow, I hadn’t thought of it like that before,” Chris admits. Jess hadn’t either.

Remodeled bathroom vanity in Tucson

They both did realize the cost of remodeling a bathroom would be different from city to city. Any home improvement project will cost more in areas with higher real estate prices.

Then comes the materials.

Natural stone and rare hardwoods will be the more expensive materials while vinyl and linoleum will be less pricey. It’s a good idea to balance what you want with your budget. Vinyl and tile can be made to look like almost anything you want, including natural stone and wood.

“So if we can’t afford marble we can choose a tile that looks like marble,” Jess notes. She loves marble so this is ideal for her.

Complex bathroom remodel in Tucson cost more

What’s going to cause the cost of remodeling a bathroom to change the most will be complexity.

The more you want to remodel the higher the cost will be. If you’re going to be expanding your bathroom that will make the project way more difficult. Doing just the flooring will be different than if you do the floors, vanity, and shower/tub.

Remodeled shower in Tucson

“That makes sense. It’s probably harder to remodel some parts of a bathroom than others, like painting a wall vs redoing the shower/tub,” Chris observes.

“Hey look, here’s something about the actual cost of remodeling a bathroom in Tucson,” Jess sees.

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“Now that we know the cost we’re golden!” says Jess excitedly. “Maybe,” hesitates Chris. “Maybe we should look up some more information before we get too carried away.”