Eight Breathtaking Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom

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If you are like most people, your shower is a place where you relax and enjoy watery bliss. Although your shower offers you these benefits and a place to refresh yourself, it can be so much more. Manufacturers now give you wide choices of shower wall and floor construction materials, and each variety brings something different to the design party.

With such a dizzying collection of shower ideas, it can be hard to settle on one. Thankfully, Frei Remodeling and Construction LLC offers clients three generations worth of industry knowledge. Before we begin any remodeling project, we take the time to understand you, your home, and your needs.

As the remodeling process takes shape, we keep you in the loop to ensure complete satisfaction. Our longevity and experience allow us to perform various home improvement projects efficiently and on time. Moreover, we can give you shower ideas that help you choose the materials and methods that fit your personality.

Use These Unique Shower Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Gone are the days when a white bathtub, walls, and floor did the artistic trick. Nowadays, you have more types of building materials and methods at your disposal than before. You can mix, match, and brainstorm your way to an unforgettable and inviting bathroom space that will captivate your guests.

1. Accents and Tile Design

You can often find inspiration for your walk-in shower ideas from other areas of your home. For instance, certain features of your house probably benefit from unusual backgrounds. An example of this could be black window shutters on a red background.

You can use this same principle to decorate the walls and floors of your shower. You could use a tile design  that uses contrasting colors to produce this effect, or you can use pattern variations to achieve the same result. At the end of the day, your imagination is the limit.

2. Harness Your Shower Bench

Shower with bench

Shower benches are luxurious additions to your washroom. They allow you to enjoy the comforts of your shower while you sit as if you’re in a bathtub. In addition to this utility, you can also use your shower stall bench to give your bathroom a distinctive look.

For example, if your shower walls are a bright white color, you could use dark-colored tiles to decorate the bench. You can also reverse this color scheme. In either case, you’ll create an eye-catching and engaging visual feast.

3. Tiles in the Shower

If you want to make the tiles in the shower stand out, you can use your grout to create a unique effect. Grout now comes in multiple colors, as do most tile varieties. As a result, this makes it easy for you to combine the colors of your shower tiles and grout to create a work of art.

For example, rather than using light-colored grout with white tiles, you could try gray or even blue. If you have shower tiles that follow an interesting pattern, you can accentuate this effect with the addition of lighter-colored grouts. When it comes to grout and tile combinations, the possibilities are numerous.

4. Create Art with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are generally much smaller than other tile varieties. Often no more than an inch or two around, mosaic tiles can flow together like little puzzle pieces.

For example, some individuals use mosaic tiles of the same color on their shower walls and other areas. While this may result in some stylistic improvement, you can achieve a more memorable effect by using multicolored mosaic tiles. You can pattern this in any way that you like, and create illusions like rainbows, waterfalls, and more.

5. Create Contrast with Variable Tile Sizes

In addition to monotonous tile colors, some bathrooms also use tiles that are all the same size and shape. Rather than engage washroom visitors, this kind of monotony might put them to sleep. That said, it is easy to avoid this kind of design error by varying the size and shape of your shower stall tiles.

For instance, you could use smaller rectangular tiles on bathroom walls, and larger square tiles on the floors. Or vice versa. With shape and size variation, you can create artistic room designs with little effort.

6. Fight Boredom with Visual Breaks

Shower with one different wall as a visual break

Smaller tiles like mosaics come in handy if you need to create visual breaks in your shower. Many showers suffer from monochromatic monotony, but you can use colorful borders near the floor to break up single-color walls. You can put these colorful breaks almost anywhere, but they have interesting effects when you place them halfway up the walls of your shower or even around your shower heads.

7. Don’t Forget Your Shower Ceiling

It can be easy to fall into the old white shower ceiling routine. Many bathrooms include ceilings with white – or sometimes dark – paint. With creative shower tile use, you can break this cycle and create something special.

We can install your tiles virtually anywhere — on the floor, walls, and even on your bathroom ceiling. When you put tiles on your ceiling, it creates an unforgettable sight and at the same time retards mold growth.

8. Mix Different Styles

Contrast is a valuable tool in the world of art. You can use this artistic principle to your advantage when you create your next corner shower designs. By mixing styles that seem to be incompatible, you can create unexpected harmonies.

An example of this is a rustic modern mix of styles. With this artistic motif, you would blend things like rustic woodwork with modern glass panels, metal, and aluminum. If you do this properly, it creates a mind-bending effect that is at the same time quite pleasant.

As you can see, the artistic possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating master bathrooms. At Frei Remodeling and Construction LLC, we can help you create remodeled additions to your home that inspire your soul. To bring your vibrant shower ideas to life, fill out our contact form today!

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