Cookie Bake Kitchen Remodel In Vail, AZ

A brief overview

In the picturesque setting of Vail, Arizona, Frei Remodeling and Construction took on an inspiring kitchen transformation project for homeowners Cathi and John. Focusing on functionality and family gatherings, this remodel went beyond aesthetics to create a space that caters to large family events and baking marathons with the grandkids.

Key Features


Client Name

Client's Cathi & John

The Client: Cathi & John

Cathi and John, who are passionate about baking and hosting family gatherings, found their kitchen’s limited functionality a barrier to their traditions, especially during the holidays. Their dream was to create a welcoming, functional space for their large family, including 12 to 20 people, during their traditional Christmas cookie bake.


The existing kitchen was not suited for large family gatherings. Limited counter space, outdated materials, and a multi-level island made it difficult for the family, especially the younger members, to participate fully in kitchen activities. Cathi and John were also concerned about finding a reliable contractor who could deliver their vision without the typical hassles of remodeling.

Cathi & John's Kitchen Remodeling Journey

Designing The Kitchen Renovation


After understanding Cathi and John’s needs, Frei Remodeling and Construction proposed a design focused on a single-level island and selected materials that would integrate seamlessly with the existing home decor. The homeowners were involved in the design phase, ensuring every detail accommodates their lifestyle.

Building The New Kitchen


The build phase involved:

  • Removing The Raised Bar 
  • Incorporating New 3cm Durable Granite Countertops
  • Adding Functional Under-Cabinet Lighting 
  • Installing Convenient Outlets 

The team’s expertise allowed the project to be completed efficiently and ahead of the anticipated timeline.

Happy Clients After Their Kitchen Renovation Is Complete


Cathi and John’s kitchen has become a joy and functionality hub. The new design looks beautiful and supports their large family gatherings, making baking and cooking activities more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone involved.

The Frei Solution

Frei Remodeling and Construction’s solution addressed aesthetic and functional needs, turning Cathi and John’s kitchen into a space that fosters family bonding and culinary creativity. The strategic enhancements and thoughtful design have transformed their kitchen into the heart of their home, where they will continue to make cherished family memories.

What The Client Had To Say

“We contacted Joe, and he was very responsive to my questions. He had great reviews, so we went with him…

I was really glad that we did it because it just made everything easier. It made everything look nice, it made visits more pleasant when the family came over. When you’re standing here, and you have a family, you have your grandkids, and everybody around can utilize this space and be interactive.”

— John & Cathi

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