Elegant Bathroom Remodel in Tucson

A brief overview

In Tucson, Arizona, Bernice’s master bathroom transformed from an outdated, cramped space to a bright, spacious oasis. Led by Frei Remodeling & Construction, this remodel focused on enhancing the bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics, turning Bernice’s vision into reality.

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Tucson Bathroom Renovation Client

Meet The Homeowner: Bernice

Bernice, a Tucson resident, longed for a master bathroom that could start her day on a positive note. Frustrated with her bathroom’s cramped shower, seldom-used garden tub, and dated Southwestern aesthetic, she envisioned a space that would bring joy and relaxation to her mornings.


Bernice’s bathroom had a small shower, an underutilized garden tub, and an outdated dark design that didn’t match her style. The challenge was completely renovating the space to enhance its functionality and update its appearance, creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Bernice's Bathroom Remodeling Journey

Client Discussing With Owner The Design Of The Remodel


Joe worked closely with Bernice to understand her needs and desires for the bathroom. The collaborative design process focused on maximizing space, enhancing natural light, and selecting materials that reflected Bernice’s taste and the functionality she needed.

Client And Contractor Going Over The Build Of The Renovation


Frei Remodeling & Construction removed the cramped shower and garden tub, introduced a spacious, accessible shower, and installed a modern vanity. They paid particular attention to the lighting and layout to ensure the bathroom was bright and spacious.

Final Bathroom Remodel


Bernice now enjoys a bathroom that meets her functional needs and serves as a tranquil retreat. The thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship have transformed her mornings, setting a positive tone for her day.

The Frei Solution

Frei Remodeling & Construction delivered a comprehensive solution that addressed all of Bernice’s concerns, transforming her bathroom into a space of beauty and functionality. Key to the project’s success was a focus on open communication, meticulous planning, and attention to detail.

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What The Client Had To Say

“I love it. I start the morning with a much more positive attitude… The mornings start your day, and I enjoy my bathroom every morning. It was worth it.”

— Bernice

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