Transformative Bathroom Remodels in Vail, AZ

A brief overview

In the scenic town of Vail, Arizona, the story of Amy and James’ home transformation unfolds through two meticulously remodeled bathrooms. This featured project by Frei Remodeling & Construction showcases the incredible journey from outdated spaces to luxurious, functional bathrooms specifically tailored for their family’s needs.

Key Features


Client Name

James & Amy

The Client: James & Amy

Amy and James, a couple with two children and a love for their home, faced a few challenges. They had an outdated master bathroom that lacked functionality and privacy and a daughter, Hannah, who no longer wanted to share a bathroom with her brother. 

Their quest for a home that meets everyone’s needs led them to Frei Remodeling & Construction, where they found a partner ready to bring their vision to life.


The original state of the bathrooms presented several issues: 

  • The Children Shared A Bathroom, Creating Conflicts
  • No Door To The Master Bedroom, Leading To A Lack Of Privacy 
  • An Awkward Layout In The Master Bathroom
  • Outdated Fixtures
  • Lack of storage space

These challenges required thoughtful planning and creative solutions to transform the spaces into something both beautiful and highly functional.

Amy & James' Journey With Frei Remodeling & Construction

Master Bedroom Design Phase


The design phase was a collaborative effort where Amy’s ideas met Frei’s expertise. The vision for both bathrooms was clear: to create spaces that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional for each family member’s needs. Creating custom solutions, such as the vanity built around existing plumbing and removing a traditional shower door, was imperative for achieving our goal.

Contractor Discussing The Buildout With James And Amy


Joe created the bathroom for Hannah’s bathroom first. The existing closet was initially supposed to be a bathroom. However, the builder covered the plumbing, and it became a closet. Joe was able to locate the existing plumbing lines and convert the closet into a beautiful, functional bathroom. 

Then Joe went to work on Amy and James’ bathroom. The buildout process was meticulously executed, with attention to every detail. Each step was carefully planned and completed, from gutting the old bathroom to installing the custom vanity and walk-in shower. The transformation was not just about aesthetics but also about enhancing the usability of each space.

Completed Family Bathroom Remodel Project


The outcome of the remodel has been life-changing for Amy, James, and their children. Each bathroom now serves its purpose beautifully, offering privacy, functionality, and luxury. The spaces are a testament to Frei’s craftsmanship and the family’s unique needs and desires.

The Frei Solution

Frei Remodeling & Construction delivered:

  • Custom design and build solutions tailored to the family’s needs
  • Enhanced functionality through thoughtful layout changes and features
  • A blend of aesthetics and utility, making each bathroom a retreat within the home

What The Client Had To Say

“It’s beautiful, it makes me happy to be in the bathroom in the morning, and it’s just made everything simpler and 100 times more functional than it was beforehand.”

— Amy & James

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