This Is How Much Flooring Costs For Material And Installation

Find Out How Much You May Need To Invest Per Square Foot For Your Tucson Home’s Flooring

Many people ask us “how much does flooring cost?” Depending on material and installation combined it can be between $7 and $16 per square foot. 

Find out why and more specific numbers in the post below:

Are They Going To Floor Me?

“Ha, ha, very funny Justin,” Amber says with a small smile.

Justin chuckles at his joke. “No, but really, how much does flooring cost? I doubt replacing flooring is cheap, even if you use lower quality material.”

Amber picks up her phone and unlocks it. “Actually, I’ve been doing some digging into the cost of flooring. I found a contractor in Tucson who has the answer on his website’s blog. He does the cost of flooring per square foot too, so we can get an idea of how much we’d need to invest.”

“Alright, let’s see this pricing post then,” says Justin. “If it’s any good, maybe we’ll add them to our list of flooring companies in Tucson we’re going to contact.” Amber hands him the phone and this is what he sees:

How Much Flooring Costs In Tucson

The cost of flooring materials usually ranges from $3 to $9. The cost of flooring installation is normally $4 to $7. Total costs depend on a few factors. They include material, the total amount of space, condition of the current flooring, and how you choose to install it.

The Flooring Cost Factors

Higher-end materials like natural stone will cost more. The actual material costs more and it can be harder to work with. This means contractors need to pay their team more for the harder work.

The more floor you replace the more of an investment it is. This is because it takes more materials and time to install the flooring, both of which drive up costs.

Any damages found under the flooring will need fixing first. Water damage can be a real problem. Any damages need to be taken care of first or it can hurt your new flooring.

Finally, there’s the pattern you choose. The patterns are straight and angled lays. This means the material runs in straight lines or it has an angle to it. Angled lays cost more because they create more wasted material and it’s a more difficult process.

Since angled lays waste more material, more needs to be bought to make up for that shortage. Then because it’s more difficult to do, contractors need to pay their teams more.

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“Awesome. Now we can do a bit of math to see about how much flooring costs,” says Amber. “Yeah, but it’ll be on the lower side. An estimate will be higher,” Justin points out. “True,” Amber agrees. “Let’s see what else we can find on this website.”

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