Flooring Pros And Cons That Will Influence Your Decision

Learn The Good And Bad Of The Flooring You’ll Have In Your Tucson Home For Years To Come

The biggest concerns when it comes to flooring pros and cons are the durability, the feel, the look, and the overall cost of each material.

Find out the specifics below:

Which Best Fits Our Lifestyle?

“There are a lot of flooring options. Which one best fits our home and family?” wonders Amber.

Justin leans back in his chair. “I’m not sure. It’d be great if we had some flooring pros and cons to look through. We could probably use that, or something like it, to help us figure this out.”

“That’s it!” Amber beams, straightening up. “Let’s look it up on Google. We should be able to figure out the best flooring for our home there. It worked when we were looking up flooring material and installation costs.”

“You’re right! Let’s start right away,” Justin whoops, pulling out his phone. He gets to searching on Google as Amber scoots closer so she can read too.

Here is what the couple ends up finding out:

Hardwood And Engineered Hardwood Flooring Pros And Cons

Hardwood flooring is durable, has a timeless look, and can last for anywhere from 30 to 100 years. But, it doesn’t do well against moisture. The sun’s UV rays will cause it to fade over time.

Engineered hardwood flooring pros and cons are similar to that of hardwood. This type of flooring better resists moisture and sun damage. It doesn’t last as long as hardwood flooring, but it’s less expensive.

There are different grades of hardwood flooring, but as long as you get a quality one, you’ll love your floors.

Tile Pros And Cons

Here it’s ceramic vs porcelain tile for flooring.

The flooring pros and cons of these two types of tile are similar. Porcelain is basically another type of ceramic. The difference is porcelain is heavier, stronger, more resistant to water, harder to work with, and more costly. Ceramic tiles are easier to stand on and are more customizable.

Overall, ceramic is great. It’s durable, water-resistant, and comes in many styles. The ease of maintaining this flooring attracts homeowners too. It’s also pretty affordable.

But, it isn’t perfect. Tile is always cold or cool underfoot. This is great for summer but not for when it gets cold. It can be hard to stand on too. People use rugs to help with these problems.

The Good And Bad Of Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Waterproof laminate flooring is mid-tier when it comes to pros and cons.

It may say waterproof, but that’s kind of misleading. Much like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring can take some moisture but you need to dry it quickly. It’s cheaper than many types of flooring but more expensive than others.

Laminate does resist scratching quite well and it’s easy to install. The style and colors are limited, but that’s in comparison to other types that have hundreds of style options.

The Pros And Cons Of Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring pros and cons will have you considering it as a candidate.

They’re one of the most low-maintenance flooring options. The durability is off the charts! When it comes to design options there are so many it can make your head spin. Concrete can have one of a kind looks or be made to look like tile, stone, brick, and even wood.

You can also have heated concrete floors!

The hardness can be a drawback too. Nothing survives a drop and it can be hard to stand on. Many people use rugs to help with this. If there’s a basement below it, moisture can be a problem. It needs proper sealing to stay nice. Cracks can form too due to temperature and humidity changes. You can disguise them with paste and patching materials.

Vinyl Flooring Pros And Cons

The main vinyl flooring pros and cons are it’s affordability and possible PVC-related health issues.

Vinyl is relatively cheap. This is because it’s easy to install, cheaper to clean and maintain, and has a huge amount of choices when it comes to style.

But, the quality has been known to vary. Even at luxury levels, you may not get the best of the best. Vinyl flooring has PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which can release phthalates. These can cause reproductive and respiratory problems.

Bamboo Flooring Pros And Cons

You can add a bit of exotic flavor to your home with bamboo floors.

They can be as durable as hardwood flooring for about the same price. It’s easy to care for, you can refinish thicker floors, and it has a more contemporary look.

Bamboo flooring isn’t very water-resistant. It has limited shades of color and it’s easy to scratch and ding cheap bamboo floors.

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“Now all we need to do is compare these pros and cons to our lifestyle and we’re golden,” says Justin happily. Amber frowns worriedly. “I don’t know if this is enough. Let’s look around and see what else we can dig up first.”

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