Exterior Home Addition Ideas You’ll Want For Your Home

Bring Something New And Exciting To Your Home In Tucson
Covered walkway as an exterior home addition idea

These home addition ideas can give you more room to move around in. Some of these ideas include a detached garage and a back deck.

Find the rest of the ideas below-

We Need More Elbow Room!

“Our house feels cramped and I can’t take it anymore!”

Lauren huffs in annoyance as she paces back and forth in the kitchen. She can feel Alex’s eyes following her as she does.

“Why don’t we expand our house with an exterior addition?” he suggests helpfully. Lauren stops in her tracks as she considers the idea. “Alex, that is a great idea! Especially since we’re not planning on going anywhere soon.”

Lauren pulls out her phone to look up some ideas for home additions. Here is what she finds-

Home Addition Ideas For Your Exterior

A few home addition ideas that don’t require anyone coming into your home include a detached garage, back deck, patio, water feature, or an entire outdoor living room. Getting one of these additions can be like adding a whole new area to your home.

“Oh look! There are ideas on what you can use them for further down the page.”

Women enjoying an outdoor living room

Detached Garages

“This would be a great workshop/storage space.”

Detached garages can have many uses, which is what makes them so popular. Besides parking the extra car in there, it can be a workshop, man-cave, or storage space.

House with a detached garage

“And if we stored what’s in the basement in there we could eventually finish the basement and have another new room!” Lauren gushes.

Alex nods in agreement as Lauren scrolls to the next of these home addition ideas.

A Back Deck Home Addition

“It’ll be great for entertaining whenever we have people over.”

Back decks are fun home addition ideas

Until then, back decks are a great place to relax, especially when the weather’s nice. Have a nice grill out with the family, catch some sun rays, and relax beneath the stars. You can also use lighting to make it look amazing at night (string lights work wonders).

Back deck with chairs and table

Lauren sighs dreamily. “I can see it now and wow is it amazing.” She looks over at Alex and can tell he’s thinking more about grilling on a deck than the deck itself.

Lauren clears her throat to get his attention back as she scrolls to see more home addition ideas.

Patios Could Be A Perfect Idea

“It’s like a deck, but different.”

Another patio example

While decks can reach to the second story, patios are all on the ground level. The main differences between patios are decks are what they are made of. Decks are made of wood while patios are made with stone.

Patios are a great addition to homes

“As long as we can grill on it I’m happy,” Alex nods. Lauren smiles and rolls her eyes as she scrolls for more home addition ideas.

A Relaxing Water Feature

“A water what now?”

Backyard pond with underwater lights

Water features can include a backyard pond, a stream, or a fountain. You can use them to bring a unique and fun feature to your home. The relaxing sound of running water is the #1 reason people install them.

“It would certainly be nice to relax beside and dip our feet into,” Lauren murmurs. Alex reaches around her and swipes to the final of these exterior home addition ideas.

Outdoor Living Rooms Are The Ultimate Home Addition Idea

“Now THIS is an idea!”

Outdoor living rooms are great home addition ideas

Outdoor living rooms can have it all. A patio with a pergola over it, string lights running through it to provide a beautiful look at night. Water-resistant couches and chairs, dining area, grill, and tiki torches to help keep the bugs at bay.

Lauren sees Alex’s eyes light up with all the ideas running through his mind. “We could get a covered patio right by the house so we can put a tv outside too! It could look like we tore down the wall around a room.”

“Now you’re getting into it!

One Month Later

“Best. Idea. Ever.” The whole family is relaxing in their outdoor living room. The grill’s cooling down and the kids are moving the plates inside to the dishwasher. They can do whatever they want but Lauren and Alex are going to relax on the couch outside and watch the stars.