How Frei Remodeling Works With You From Contact To Final Walk Through

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There’s No Mystery Behind How We’ll Be Working Together To Get You The Home You Want

We have no idea why contractors aren’t more open with the process they use to work with clients. We don’t like not knowing what something will be like, so we’re not going to do that to our clients.

In this post, you’ll discover the 7 steps we go through with clients when working together.

Why So Secretive?

“It’s not like contractors are the Illuminati or anything,” huffs Justin.

Amber snorts at his reference. “Good one, and you’re right. But, there are exceptions to every rule,” she says behind a mysterious smile.

Justin looks at her suspiciously. “Why, whatever do you mean, Amber dear?” Amber takes her phone out and unlocks it. “I found a contractor who does tell us their process. It’s the same one who wrote that cost for new kitchen cabinets post. It’s on their ‘Our Process’ page and they have a detailed blog about it. Here, check it out.”

Amber hands Justin the phone. Here is what he sees:

Before We Start

It is our goal to give you a ‘zero punch list’ project. To do this, we need to keep an open and honest line of communication with each other. We’ll make every effort to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible so your remodeling experience is a pleasant one. If we aren’t meeting your expectations, please tell us. 

The 7 Steps We’ll Go Through Together

1. Fill out the contact form with photos of your space

  • The pictures help give us an idea of what we’re working with. We have the experience and practice to even give you ballpark pricing on your project based on your pictures and description


2. Joe Frei or an office administrator will reach out to you and schedule a phone call

  • We’ll have an open, honest conversation about your project
  • We can provide a ballpark price range over the phone
  • If we’re a good fit and the pricing works for you we can move to an on-site consultation


3. On-site consultation

  • We’ll have a more in-depth conversation about your project in person and give you a more accurate estimate
  • If you want to move forward we’ll ask you to sign a contract
  • We’ll also visit the material showroom for you to pick out materials. This is so your materials are there when the project starts, which helps us be more efficient


4. Get on the schedule

5. Pre-job site visit one week before your project begins

  • You’ll have some additional paperwork we call construction information paperwork to look over. This includes hours of work, clean up, schedules, any trade contractors that may come in, payment, parking, communication, emergency contacts, pets, and the emotions chart (also called remodeling fever, which shows how you’re going to feel about the project during the different main phases). The chart is at the top of this section
  • We’ll make sure everything is good to go for you and us
  • You can ask us any additional questions
  • We’ll make sure the materials are at your home and in good condition


6. Begin bringing your vision to life

  • Communication is extremely important, so please let your project manager know of any concerns you have during your project
  • Your project manager runs the day-to-day operations. They should be there the whole day. Jobs run smoothest when communication happens through them
  • If designated parking is necessary, please tell your project manager of your preferences (driveway, roadside, parking deck, etc)
  • We’ll move large items but please move smaller items from the work area before we arrive
  • We’ll try to accommodate pets as best as possible
  • All workers on your job have been asked not to smoke inside, to properly dispose of their cigarettes outside, to play their radio at a low volume, and to clean up after themselves
  • On the first day, you’ll see us mask off floors, contain the project area to minimize dust (we cant contain 100% but well do the best we can,) and begin demolition
  • Team members and trade contractors work during an eight-hour time period Monday through Friday. Sometimes we have to start or finish later. Saturday work is only for crucial or time-sensitive parts and we’ll let you know beforehand.
  • If anything unforeseen happens we’ll contact you immediately and figure out how to best move forward
  • We also want to schedule construction meetings weekly between you and your project manager to go over updates, concerns, etc.


7. Final walkthrough and payment

  • You’ll get a certificate for a 5-year workmanship warranty and all project documents 
  • We’ll also contact you about doing a 1-year warranty follow up on-site

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“Looks like the Illuminati’s been illuminated,” Amber jokes. Justin laughs. “Yeah, finally! Let’s see what else this contractor’s shed light on.”

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