This Is How Long It Takes To Install Flooring From Tile To Vinyl

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Our Process For Helping Clients In Tucson Get Beautiful New Flooring Takes About This Long To Complete

It’s a great idea to find out how long a process can take. This is especially true for when your home, or an area of it, will be missing its floor.

In this post, you can find out how long it takes to install new flooring for your home. You can also find out the main causes that can change the timeline so you can better prepare for your Tucson home renovation or home addition project.

What Will We Do??

“We won’t be able to use our kitchen for…how long?” asks Amber.

Justin scratches his head. “I have no idea how long flooring takes to install. That’d be good to know so we can properly prepare, like knowing the pros and cons of flooring types.”

Amber sighs. “Well, how are we going to find out? Sure, Google could give us an idea but will it be the same as how our contractor’s going to do things?”

Justin pulls his phone out of his pocket. “He sent us an email with links to his blog posts. Said something about how they can help clear up most of our questions. Let’s check out what he sent.”

Justin pulls up the email. “Wow, he actually sent us a post that tells us how long it takes him to install flooring. Let’s check it out!”

Here’s what they find out:

How Long It Takes To Install Flooring

It can take about 6 days to install flooring in your home. This is for tile flooring, which tends to take the longest to put in. Luxury vinyl plank, wood, and other flooring types are normally quicker. This is mostly because we can change the demolition process to fit what needs to be done.

The Timeline Breakdown Of How We Install New Flooring

Day 1 – Prepare the space for the project. This includes taking measures for dust control. We want to contain the dust in the work area. This doesn’t apply to full house reflooring.

Days 2 and 3 – Demolition of the current flooring

Days 4 to 6 – Installing your new flooring, finishing details, and cleaning up

*The above timeline is for tile flooring. Luxury vinyl plank, wood, and other materials usually have a quicker installation time. This is mostly because the demolition is easier.

The Main Factors That Can Change The Timeline

Amount of preparation needed. If you’re installing flooring for a small room it shouldn’t take long at all. But preparing large rooms, like open-concept kitchens, can take a while longer.

Type of flooring. Installing and demolishing different types of flooring can take a different amount of time. For example, tile is harder to install and take out than other flooring types.

Damages. Sometimes when we take out floors we find damages like wood rot and moisture damage. If we see anything, we’ll stop working and talk to you about how you’d like to handle it.

Unlevel concrete or wood subfloors. We have to make sure the subfloor is level, which adds labor and time to the project. Nobody wants their floors to have hills and valleys!

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“So we should meal prep and prepare to eat out for about 6 days,” says Justin. Amber nods ”Sounds good to me! Let’s check out some of these other posts while we’re here.”

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