How Much Home Additions Can Cost In Tucson Arizona

Expand Your Home And Get Some More Room To Move Around In
Women enjoying an outdoor living room

How much home additions can cost varies from place to place. It even changes from one contractor to the next. Quality additions should cost…

Find out in the post below-

We Could Use More Space

“After being stuck here for so long I think we need more space.”

Kelly looks around, wondering what she would do to their home. Whatever it is, she’ll need to get Roger to agree to it.

Patios are a great addition to homes

Kelly sits down on the couch and pulls out her phone. It looks like she needs to do some research. After this, she’ll need to decide which of the exterior home addition ideas she wants.

She opens up Google and types in ‘how much do home additions cost in Tucson, Arizona.’ After looking around at a few different sites, here is what she finds-

Cost Of Home Additions In Tucson

How much a home addition costs in Tucson is about $150 per square foot. Deck additions start at $55 per square foot. The cost changes based on what materials and size you choose. Larger rooms may end up costing less per square foot.

“And this includes framing, roofing, electrical, painting, and other necessities,” Kelly finishes reading. 

Examples for how much home additions cost:

  • 150 square foot room would start at $22,500
  • 300 square foot room would start at $45,000
  • 450 square foot room would start at $67,500
  • 600 square foot room would start at $90,000

“But that’s only assuming the contractor doesn’t cut you a deal for buying a larger home addition,” Kelly notes. Then the total cost for a home addition could go down.

Back decks are fun home addition ideas

Now For The Hard Part

“Now that I know about how much it can cost I need to see what Roger thinks. I’m sure he’ll be excited about getting a home addition too!”