How We Remodel Kitchens And How Long Each Step Normally Takes

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This Is How And How Long It Can Take For You To Start Enjoying Your Brand New Kitchen

Remodeling a room is a big project. It’s great to know just how long you won’t be able to use that room, especially when it’s your kitchen.

In this post, you’ll find out how long it takes to remodel a kitchen and how long each step can take. You’ll also discover some of the things that can change the timeline.

How And How Long?

“I have no idea,” admits Justin.

Amber sighs. “Me either. So, neither of us knows how to remodel a kitchen or how long a kitchen remodel takes.” Justin nods.

“Well, in that case, we better look it up. It’d probably be best to know these things before we talk to a contractor. Less shocking that way” suggests Amber. “Which means we should definitely also look up the cost to remodel a kitchen.”

Justin nods and smiles. “I couldn’t agree more,” he says as he takes his phone out. “Let’s see what we can find on Google.”

After searching for a bit, here’s what the couple finds:

How To Remodel A Kitchen And How Long Each Step Can Take

Before beginning,  it’s best to prepare to survive your kitchen remodel to make the process as easy as possible on your family.

Before and after of a kitchen remodel
  • Day 1: This is where we prepare for demolition. This mostly involves setting up tarps to keep dust from going all over your home. We’ll mask off things and make sure we protect everything that needs it
  • Days 2 through 5: We’ll begin the demolition to make room for your new kitchen! We’ll also do more prep work like relocating plumbing
  • Week 2: This is where we do drywall work, painting, and cabinet installation preparation
  • Week 3: We’ll install your cabinets, do trim work for the cabinets (trim-out), and begin to put in the flooring
  • Week 4: We’ll finish the flooring and start getting ready to install the best bathroom countertops
  • Week 5 through 6: Countertop installation. This takes so long because we use full slabs (6-foot by 10-foot). Full slabs allow you to choose which part you want where in your kitchen. It takes a long time to cut, polish, and get it ready for installation
  • Week 7: Plumbing, appliances, finish trimming out, finish anything left on the punch list, and follow up with you to make sure everything meets or exceeds your expectations

The Main Factors That Can Change The Timeline

Size. Larger kitchens take more labor and materials, which can lengthen the timeline.

Complexity. Some of the more complex projects involve tearing down walls to create an open concept kitchen, adding an island, and changing the layout. These all need more time, labor, and sometimes materials to do. Changing the layout may mean relocating plumbing and electrical.

Materials. Some materials take longer to get than others. Right now, due to COVID, several materials are taking longer to get. This is because everything’s on backorder.

Change orders. If you want to change something about your project it’ll add to the timeline. It might be ordering new materials, a redesign, or something else.

Damages. When demolition starts we might see some damages that couldn’t be seen before. We’ll talk with you about your options and see what you want to do.

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“So 7 weeks if everything goes according to plan,” says Amber. Justin nods. “That’s a long time, maybe we can break it up into parts? Either way, we’ll have an amazing new kitchen afterward! Let’s see what else we need to know about kitchen remodels before we call anyone.”

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