How To Best Prepare For And Survive A Kitchen Remodel

This Is What We Recommend Our Clients Around Tucson Do Before And During Their Kitchen Remodel

Finding the best ways to be as comfortable as possible during a kitchen remodel is a great idea! You’ll be helping it be as smooth as possible for your family.

In this post, you can discover the ways other families have adapted during a kitchen remodel.

Less To Stress About

“We need to know what to do before the kitchen remodel starts,” points out Justin.

Amber frowns a bit. “What do you mean?” Justin pulls his phone from his pocket. “I mean we need to look up how to prepare for a kitchen remodel. It’ll make surviving during it much easier.”

Amber smiles. “That’s actually a fantastic idea! It’s not like we’re going to eat out or order in for every meal. I wonder how we’re going to cook and stuff…”

Justin shrugs as he starts typing questions into Google search. “I don’t know but we’re going to find out. Hopefully, we can also find out how long a kitchen remodel can take.”

Here’s what the couple discovers:

How To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel In 7 Ways

1. Mental preparation. Kitchen remodels can be mentally taxing. People are in your space, you don’t have a kitchen to cook in, everything’s kind of all over the place, and more. Preparing yourself for doing things differently, cleaning more, and things not working out quite right is a great idea.

2. Find out how to use all of your cooking appliances. Most people would rather already know how to use a crockpot than try figuring it out right before dinner. Knowing will make cooking quicker and easier. This means a less hangry (angry because hungry) family.

3. Create a temporary kitchenette. Choose a space to turn into a kitchen area. A few ways to do this are by:

    • Moving any cooking appliances and tableware you’ll be using here
    • Clearing bookshelves for storage
    • Using a table as a countertop
    • Making a bathroom sink a kitchen sink
    • Using folding chairs and tables with cloths underneath for an eating area


4. Relocate the refrigerator. At least you can still use your fridge! This means you won’t have to waste food and you can prepare meals beforehand.

5. Meal prep. You’ll still have refrigerator access, so meal prep can be your best friend. Cook and freeze meals for the remodeling starts, then just microwave them hot.

6. Get snacks. These help keep the hangry at bay when cooking takes longer than normal.

7. Budget for restaurants. Eating out or ordering in is easy and delicious. Many homeowners budget so they can do this and not cook as often. It’s a nice change of pace and helps reduce stress.

6 Ways To Eat That’ll Help You Survive A Kitchen Remodel

Knowing how to eat during a kitchen remodel can make life way less stressful. The 6 main ways are:

  1. Pre-prepped meals
  2. Microwaveable meals
  3. No-cook meals such as salads
  4. Cooking and leftovers
  5. Grilling outside
  6. Restaurants

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“It’s a good thing we’re still in the planning phase,” says Amber. Robert nods. “True, so we’re not in a rush. Guess we can learn how to use the InstaPot,” he chuckles. Amber smiles. “Yep! Also, let’s see what other kitchen information is on this blog. We might make use of it.”

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