How To Remodel A Bathroom In 9 Steps And How Long It Can Take

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This Is How We Remodel Clients Bathrooms In Tucson So They Can Love It Again

It’s always good to know what’s going on during a home remodeling project. We want you to know exactly what to expect when we do yours.

In this post, you’ll find our 9 steps to remodeling a bathroom. Along with it, you’ll see what day or days they happen on. You can also discover some things that can change the timeline.

How And How Long?

“I’m more concerned about how long we won’t have our bathroom for,” says Amber.

“And that’s absolutely fair,” agrees Justin. “The problem is, I’m not sure how long it’ll take, or what even their process is. Oh, and what the cost to remodel a bathroom is.”

Amber frowns, then suddenly pulls out her phone and starts searching through it. “What’s got you in mission-mode,” jokes Justin.

Amber smiles. “This,” she says as she shows her phone to Justin. “When we asked about doing a bathroom remodel, the contractor sent us links to some of the blog posts he has on them. Let’s take a look.”

Here’s what the couple sees:

How To Remodel A Bathroom And How Long A Bathroom Remodel Can Take

  • Day 1: preparing the space for the project
  • Days 2-3: demolition
  • Day 4: plumbing (installing new shower valves, relocation, etc)
  • Days 5-6: plumbing and leveling walls, installing drywall and backer board (like drywall but for showers)
    • Plumbing: Making sure walls are flat and level
  • Day 7: painting walls and ceilings
  • Day 8: waterproofing the shower
  • Day 9: installing the vanity and your type of countertop
  • Days 10-12: installing tile in shower and walls
  • Day 13: adding fixtures, mirrors, lights, shower door, finishing touches, and follow up

The Main Factors That Can Change The Timeline

The number of fixtures. The more fixtures you have the more there is to remodel. This means it’ll take more time and labor to finish.

Size. It really depends on the complexity of the project. Larger bathrooms have more that needs to be done, but we can fit more team members in there to work. Smaller bathrooms can hold fewer people but there’s less to do.

Job complexity. Less complex jobs typically center around updating the look. With more complex projects, it’s about moving or adding fixtures, or replacing them (like replacing a toilet). The more there is to do the longer it can take.

Age. Older bathrooms need a lot more work depending on what you want. We may need to work on the electrical and piping elements if you decide to get new appliances or lights.

Damages. We often find some kind of damage that needs fixing, it’s just a part of remodeling. It can be wood rot, water damage, mold, etc. They all need fixing before moving forward.

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