7 Ideas On How To Remodel A Kitchen So It’s Better For You

Create A Kitchen You Look Forward To Being In For Your Tucson Home
Open concept kitchens open up a home

You can make your kitchen your new favorite room by using these ideas on how to remodel a kitchen. The most popular remodeling idea is definitely an open-concept kitchen. Once you start putting these ideas into action you’ll start seeing your kitchen in a whole new way.

Your new kitchen starts in the post below.

It’s Just A Kitchen Now

“Remember when we used to think this was amazing?”

Old and outdated kitchen
Photo by Roger A Smith – creative commons license 2.0 Generic

Michael gets up from the couch and walks into the kitchen to see what Jennifer is talking about. “When we used to think what was amazing?”

“Our kitchen! I used to love coming in here because I’d run into you or the kids getting some food and we’d talk. Cooking was so much fun in here too,” Jennifer sighs.

“What’s changed?” Michael asks curiously. “It’s just old and outdated now. It went from being one of my favorite rooms to being just a kitchen. I’d love to put my ideas on how to remodel a kitchen into action, but I don’t know…” Jennifer trails off.

“Let’s do it then. We’ve waited long enough to remodel anything in this house,” Michael tells her.

“Really?! Oh, honey yes! I found a great article with kitchen remodeling ideas, here I’ll show it to you. Once you see them you’ll want to schedule a consultation,” Jennifer says, whipping out her phone.

Here are the remodeling ideas for kitchens she found.

Ideas On How To Remodel A Kitchen

  1. Open-concept style
  2. Refurbish cabinets
  3. Update backsplash
  4. Contemporary countertops
  5. Install a kitchen island
  6. Fresh flooring
  7. Modern appliances
Modern kitchen

“Looks like a big project, huh,” Michael hesitates. He doesn’t want to lose his kitchen for a month or pay for it in one giant sum.

“We can spread it out! After you read about these ideas on how to remodel a kitchen you’ll want all of this stuff too,” Jennifer expresses confidently

1. The Open-Concept Kitchen Style

“What does open-concept even mean, not having doors?”

Open concept kitchens are one of the best ideas on how to remodel a kitchen

Jennifer chuckles before answering, “No, silly, it means taking down the walls that make a kitchen its own room.”

Open-concept kitchens connect the kitchen to other rooms in the house, mostly living and dining rooms. This way when someone’s in the kitchen they aren’t cut off from the fun.

Another open concept kitchen with dining room and living room

“So no more having to miss parts of movies, games, or conversations? Yeah let’s do this one first for sure,” Michael blurts excitedly.

As kitchens are also becoming a popular space to gather, open-concept styles open it up so there’s more room. Think about how many times you’ve been standing around the kitchen talking to your friends and family. For most people, it’s quite a lot.

Open kitchen

“Just like what you said, Jennifer,” Michael points out. “Yep! Open-concept kitchens make the first floor feel bigger, more open, and more inclusive.”

The couple scrolls down to the next idea on how to remodel a kitchen.

2. Refurbishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

“They do take up the most space so it makes sense to do them early.”

New kitchen cabinets have many benefits

One can say kitchen cabinets determine the overall look of a kitchen. Since they take up so much space they are the first thing most people see when they walk into a kitchen.

“What are the current styles though?” Michael asks.

White kitchen cabinets

Whites and wood colorings are popular for kitchen cabinets right now. As far as actual styles go the only real differences would be in the handles. As long as you choose something you like then that’s all you need.

“Well, that was easy enough. What’s next?” Jennifer scrolls down to the next idea on how to remodel a kitchen.

3. Updating The Backsplash

“Is this really that big of a deal?”

Kitchen backsplash remodel

Backsplashes are one of those details that can really stand out in a kitchen. If it clashes with the cabinets everyone will see it.

Backsplashes also serve an important function: protecting your walls from stains. Food, heat, and steam all attack paint on walls like white blood cells attack viruses- it just happens. Backsplashes are normally a decorative tile that’s durable and easy to clean.

Tiled kitchen backsplash

“I had no idea backsplashes were that important,” Michael notes. 

Some popular backsplash ideas include:

  • Having it go all the way to the ceiling
  • Larger subway tiles
  • Mirrored/metallic finishes
  • Natural stone (rough and polished)
  • Any color you want
Rough stone kitchen backsplash

“We could have ceramic tiles that look like natural stone stretching all the way to the ceiling,” Michael puts forward. “I LOVE that!” Jennifer chirps.

With that done they go down to the next idea on how to remodel a kitchen.

4. Contemporary Counters

“And right between the cabinets and under the backsplash are the countertops.”

New countertop and cabinets are a great idea for remodeling kitchens

Natural stone countertops are all the rage, especially quartz. It’s beautiful, durable, and water/stain resistant. Of course, natural stone can be very expensive.

“It says here quartz can be made to look like other natural stone such as marble. That’s amazing,” Jennifer says.

New kitchen countertop

More neutral tones like whites, grays, and beiges are becoming more popular in kitchens too. This is why concrete counters are also being seen more in kitchens.

“Quartz that looks like marble with veins throughout it would be ideal,” Michael says. Jennifer agrees with him so they continue to the next idea on how to remodel a kitchen.

5. Installing A Kitchen Island

“This is a definite must for our kitchen,” Jennifer states firmly.

Kitchen islands are super helpful

Kitchen islands are the best thing to happen to kitchens since, well, almost ever! You can use them as extra counter space for cooking, more storage space if they come with cabinets, eat on them, have kids do homework on them while you prepare dinner, and they’re great for gathering around to talk.

Small kitchen island

“No wonder you want one so badly, it’s probably the most useful of these ideas on how to remodel a kitchen” Michael realizes. “Yeah, they’re pretty amazing. Plus it’s more marble-themed quartz countertop space for you to enjoy,” Jennifer slyly says.

The couple goes on to the next idea.

6. Fresh Flooring

“When you’re standing for a long time it’s important to be comfortable.”

New flooring for kitchen looks like wood but is actually tile

Chefs, cooks, and people who like to socialize in the kitchen understand that what you stand on is very important.

Ceramic and porcelain tile is durable and water/stain-resistant but it’s also cold, hard, and uncomfortable. Hardwood is warmer and easier to stand on but it takes more maintenance.

“Ok, so what are the popular trends and stuff?”

Ceramic tile flooring is a popular idea for remodeling kitchens

Engineered hardwood, tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring are very popular styles. As for colors, it’s whites, blondes, grays, and browns. Wood is the more popular look but natural stone isn’t far behind.

“We already have a lot of stone in our soon-to-be kitchen so let’s make the floor some type of wood,” Jennifer suggests. Michael agrees, even though he loves stone.

Now the couple reaches the final idea on how to remodel a kitchen.

7. Modern Appliances

“This one basically speaks for itself.”

New kitchen appliances

Modern appliances do speak for themselves, but you can do more than just replace your oven or fridge with a newer one.

Steam ovens, finger-touch equipment, matte black fridges, wireless connectivity, and more are coming to kitchens around you. All of this is meant to help make cooking easier and classier.

New appliances and cabinets

“That kind of sounds like a lot. Let’s just take it one appliance at a time,” Jennifer says. “So, that’s basically going to be our kitchen then,” Michael asks.

“Yeah, we did it, haha,” Jennifer laughs. The couple is quiet for a few moments as they realize what they’ve just done.

“Well, now we have to do it,” they say in unison. They laugh for a moment before starting to look for more ideas on how to remodel a kitchen.

One place they’re checking is contractor’s gallery pages to see what the work looks like.