How To Remodel A Kitchen In 7 Ways You Will Love

This Is How People In Tucson Are Remodeling Their Kitchens So They Can Love Them Again
Open concept kitchens open up a home

Kitchen remodels in Tucson include making it open-concept, refurbishing the cabinets, updating the backsplash, new floors, and more.

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It’s Just A Kitchen Now

“Remember when we used to think this was amazing?” sighs Amber

Justin gets up from the couch and walks into the kitchen to see what Amber is talking about. “When we used to think what was amazing?”

“Our kitchen! I used to love coming in here because I’d run into you or the kids getting some food and we’d talk. Cooking was so much fun in here too,” says Amber.

“What’s changed?” asks Justin curiously. “It’s just old and outdated now. It went from being one of my favorite rooms to just another kitchen. I’d love to put my ideas on how to remodel a kitchen into action, but I don’t know…” Amber trails off.

“Let’s do it then. We’ve waited long enough to remodel anything in this house,” says Justin.

“Really?! Oh, honey, yes! I found a great article with kitchen remodeling ideas, here I’ll show it to you,” says Amber, whipping out her phone.

Here are the remodeling ideas for kitchens she finds:

Ideas On How To Remodel A Kitchen

Kitchen being drawn and built

1. The Open-Concept Kitchen Style

How to remodel a kitchen includes the open concept design like in this kitchen

Open-concept kitchens connect the kitchen to other rooms in the house, mostly living and dining rooms. This way when someone’s in the kitchen they aren’t cut off from the fun. They make the first floor feel bigger, more open, and more inclusive.

Kitchens are the most popular space to gather. The open-concept style opens it up so there’s more room. Think about how many times you’ve been standing around the kitchen talking to your friends and family. For most people, it’s quite a lot.

2. Refurbishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodel including refurbished cabinets

One can say kitchen cabinets determine the overall look of a kitchen. Since they make up a lot of the space they’re the first thing most people see when they walk into a kitchen.

Whites and wood colorings are popular for kitchen cabinets right now. As far as actual styles go the only real differences would be in the handles. As long as you choose something you like then that’s all you need.

3. Updating The Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash remodel

Backsplashes are one of those details that can really stand out in a kitchen. If it clashes with the cabinets everyone will see it.

Backsplashes also serve an important function: protecting your walls from stains. Food, heat, and steam all attack paint on walls like white blood cells attack viruses- it just happens. Backsplashes are normally a decorative tile that’s durable and easy to clean.

Some popular backsplash ideas include:

  • Having it go all the way to the ceiling
  • Larger subway tiles
  • Mirrored/metallic finishes
  • Natural stone (rough and polished)
  • Any color you want

4. Contemporary Counters

New countertops are a great idea for remodeling kitchens

Natural stone countertops are all the rage, especially quartz. It’s beautiful, durable, and water/stain resistant. Of course, natural stone can be very expensive.

Quartz is a popular choice because it can be made to look like other natural stones such as marble. Concrete is popular as well.

More neutral tones like whites, grays, and beiges are becoming more popular in kitchens.

5. Installing A Kitchen Island

Kitchen with a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are the best thing to happen to kitchens since, well, almost ever! You can use them as extra counter space for cooking, more storage space, eating, have kids do homework on them while you prepare dinner, and for gathering around to talk.

6. Fresh Flooring

New concrete flooring for kitchen

Chefs, cooks, and people who like to socialize in the kitchen understand that what you stand on is very important. When you’re standing for a long time, comfort is important.

Ceramic and porcelain tile is durable and water/stain-resistant but it’s also cold, hard, and uncomfortable. Hardwood is warmer and easier to stand on but it takes more maintenance.

Engineered hardwood, tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring are very popular styles. As for colors, it’s whites, blondes, grays, and browns. Wood is the more popular look but natural stone isn’t far behind.

7. Modern Appliances

New kitchen appliances

Modern appliances do speak for themselves, but you can do more than just replace your oven or fridge with a newer one.

Steam ovens, finger-touch equipment, matte black fridges, wireless connectivity, and more are coming to kitchens around you. All of this is meant to help make cooking easier and classier.

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“So, that’s basically going to be our kitchen then?” asks Justin. “Yeah, we did it, haha,” Amber laughs. The couple is quiet for a few moments as they realize what they’ve just done. “Well, now we have to do it,” they say in unison. They laugh for a moment before starting to look for more information on kitchen remodeling.