5 Kitchen Cabinet Images You’ll Love From Projects Around Tucson

Check Out These Kitchen Cabinets Clients Had Us Put In Their Homes

Looking at kitchen cabinet images from local projects can help you see what the current popular trends and styles are for Tucson kitchens.

See them below:

Homegrown Only

“Just like with our vegetables?” asks Justin.

Amber nods. “Well, why can’t we look up kitchen cabinet images that aren’t local?” he asks. Amber sits up straight, entering her teacher mode.

“Looking up local kitchens can help us see what people around us are doing in their homes. We can then stick to a similar style. This will make selling our home easier (if we ever do). Also, if we find a local contractor with great pictures we might also find one who can do our project.”

Justin nods and strokes his chin. “So, it’s like one of those two birds and one stone deals. We’re looking up pictures of kitchen cabinets where the project was done by a local contractor who we can hire.”

Amber smiles and nods. “Exactly.” Justin smiles back. “Hopefully they use one of the best brands of kitchen cabinets. Well, I guess we should go ahead and start! Let’s tackle Google Search together.”

The couple starts looking on Google. They find several local contractors with pictures on their websites. “Oh, I really like these! Come take a look,” says Amber.

Here’s what she and Justin see:

Local Kitchen Cabinet Images

These next five kitchen cabinet images are all from projects in and around Tucson, Arizona. You’ll see a few of the popular styles, colors, and finishes for kitchen cabinets. They include stains and white for colors, raised panel and Shaker for door style, and more.

If your creativity starts flowing, check out our styling tips for white kitchen cabinets.

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“You’re right, they do look pretty good. I wonder what all this contractor can do when it comes to kitchen cabinets…” wonders Justin. Amber shrugs. “Why don’t we look around this blog and website more? Maybe we’ll find out.”

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