Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles, Finishes, And Colors For Tucson Homes

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You Can Use These To Create A Kitchen You’ll Fall In Love With All Over Again

You can create your own kitchen cabinet style! Styles like Shaker doors, colors like white or gray, and finishes like paint or stain.

Discover them all below:

Pinterest Isn’t Good Enough!

“But I thought it was your go-to for, well, everything,” says Justin.

Amber gives him a half-shrug. “I mean, you’re not wrong, haha. But when it involves something like kitchen cabinet styles I need more. We don’t want to go too far from the popular local styles.”

Justin nods knowingly. “Ah, in case we ever decide to sell and move, right? Looks like that “How To Remodel A Kitchen” post really took hold in your mind. But, yes, I agree that we want the house to fit into the local style at least a little bit. Speaking of, what are the kitchen cabinet door styles?”

Amber looks up from her phone. “I was actually just looking that up! Also, kitchen cabinet finishes and colors. Here, come look with me.” Justin goes and sits next to her.

Here are the styles they find:

Kitchen Cabinet Styles You’ll Love

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

The kitchen cabinet door style that’s the most popular right now is Shaker (pictured above.) They have a more proper and refined look.

Slab cabinet doors have a more modern look. Unlike the other cabinet styles, this one has no features. It’s one slab of wood, uncarved.

Raised panel cabinets are like Shaker cabinets. The difference is the middle, while still having the indent, is raised. It’s like a plateau in the middle.

The final kitchen cabinet door style is an open frame. This means they either have no door or they have a glass front.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Kitchen cabinet finishes come down to painting vs staining.

Painting is the current popular trend for kitchen cabinets. It looks more modern than stains and it helps protect your cabinets. Heat and moisture from cooking will damage them eventually. Stains also help protect your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

The 3 most popular kitchen cabinet colors are lighter whites (style tips for white cabinets), grays, and classic blues. These are just for paint, though.

For stains, the colors mostly depend on the wood. For example, oak cabinets tend to work better with lighter stains while maple is better with darker stains.

Kitchen Cabinet Types

The type of kitchen cabinet really comes down to the overlay. The overlay is how much edge space you see around the cabinet doors and drawers.

A full overlay means the doors and drawers take up the full cabinet. You can also choose from quarter and half-inch overlays (like in the above photo.) This means you’ll see some edge around the doors and drawers.

You may also want to find out which kitchen cabinet brands are the best.

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“This is fantastic! Plus, this is from a local contractor so they’ve got to know what they’re talking about,” says Amber excitedly. “Then we might as well see what else we can find on their blog,” suggests Justin.

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