How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost In Tucson And More

Find Out How Much You Should Budget For A Kitchen Remodel In Tucson And What Can Change The Price
The cost to remodel a kitchen to this level would be a lot

The cost of your kitchen remodel can’t be put into a number because it’s your unique kitchen. You can learn what to budget and what can change the price.

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“You really think you can do it? This will be interesting.”

Daniel just smiles in response. Ashley doesn’t think he’ll be able to find a quality answer to how much a kitchen remodel should cost in the Tucson area. They already found kitchen remodeling ideas they like, so this is their last step

A remodeled kitchen

“I’ll just ask my best friend Google and see what they know,” he says confidently. “Already checked,” Ashley tells him.

Daniel shrugs as he pulls out his phone. He spends a few minutes looking on Google. “Aha! Here we go, I found something pretty interesting,” he smirks.

Here is what Daniel found-

The True Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel

You can figure out how much your kitchen remodel should cost by breaking it down as a percentage of your home’s value. For kitchens you should spend about 10% to 15% of your total home’s value. So a kitchen remodel for a $300,000 house should cost about $30,000 to $45,000.

New kitchen all the way down to the appliances

“Wow, that sounds pretty reasonable. But why 10-15%? And can’t different factors cause the price to change outside that range?” asks Ashley.

“Seems like the 10-15% comes from kitchens being very valuable. People love kitchens, making them very popular rooms, and there’s a lot to remodel,” Daniel answers.

He scrolls down to see what can change kitchen remodeling costs.

What Causes The Cost To Change

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Complexity
  • Underlying problems

“Those reasons make sense, but can you tell me a bit more about them?” Ashley asks.

Kitchen remodeling costs change based on size, like this larger kitchen

Size is the most obvious reason the cost changes. Smaller kitchens have fewer option to remodel so they usually don’t cost as much. This can change based on the materials you choose. Higher end materials will drive the price up.

Small kitchens have less than 100 square feet total. People consider kitchens with 150 to 250 square feet an average size.

The cost to remodel a kitchen goes up if you also include the backsplash like this project did

Complexity is huge for how much a kitchen remodel costs. Larger kitchens are more complex as it will take more time, materials, and such. Price also increases when installing additions like a kitchen island, tearing down walls for an open-concept kitchen, and other such decisions.

It costs more to create an open concept kitchen like this one

“And if you’re making more changes that’ll drive up the price too because you’re having more work done,” Ashley guesses. “That’s right! Now there’s just one more price factor,” Daniel smiles.

Any underlying problems, aka damages, need fixing first. It could be water damage beneath the floorboards, rotten wood in the walls, or something like that. You might need to hire someone else to fix them too.

Kitchen with remodeling costs go down if you choose laminate flooring like in this photo

“If that happens we’ll need to fix them or they’ll cause worse problems later,” Daniel points out. “But that’s about it for how much a kitchen remodel costs and why it changes.”

The Next Step Is To…

“Now that we have a design and a price range, we can schedule a consultation with a kitchen remodeler,” the couple says, contest forgotten in the excitement. They’re finally about to start getting their dream kitchen.