This Is How Much Kitchen Remodels Cost In Tucson

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How much a kitchen remodel costs in Tucson depends on the kitchen you want. Most people budget it as a percentage of their total home value.

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How Much Kitchen Remodeling Costs In Tucson

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Most people’s kitchen remodeling costs are done as a percentage of their home’s value. They spend about 10% to 15% of their total home’s value. So a kitchen remodel for a $300,000 house should cost about $30,000 to $45,000.

An open concept kitchen renovation will cost more. This is because walls need knocking down and tidying up, flooring needs redoing, and more.

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What Can Change The Cost

The main factors that change the cost of a kitchen remodel are size, materials, any underlying problems, and the overall complexity.

Before and after of a kitchen remodel

Size. Larger kitchens tend to cost more to remodel. This is because they need more time, labor, and materials. But, this doesn’t mean smaller kitchen remodels are always cheaper. If you use higher-quality materials the cost will be more.

* Small kitchens have less than 100 square feet total. People consider kitchens with 150 to 250 square feet average size. Anything above that is large.

Material choice also changes kitchen remodeling costs. Higher-end materials look nicer and last longer but they’re more expensive upfront. Stock vs custom cabinets is a good example.

Full kitchen remodel before and after photo

Damages need fixing first. If not they’ll come back worse (and more expensive to fix) than before. It could be water damage beneath the floorboards, rotten wood in the walls, or something like that. You might need to hire someone else to fix them.

Complexity is huge for how much a kitchen remodel costs in Tucson. Additions like a kitchen island, tearing down walls for an open-concept kitchen, custom cabinetry, and other decisions increase the price. Any change orders will increase the cost too.

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