3 Of The Best Kitchen Remodeling Trends For Homes In Tucson

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These Are What People In Tucson Are Using To Update Their Kitchens

3 kitchen remodeling trends popular in Tucson include open-concept kitchens and large kitchen islands. The bonus trend is really cool too.

Find the rest with pictures below:

Just Look Around!

“Look at what, our perfectly fine kitchen?” asks Justin.

“Ugh, fine? Our kitchen? Please,” replies Amber. Justin frowns in confusion. “I’m not sure I follow. What’s wrong with our kitchen?”

Amber sighs, shoulders dropping. “It looks so outdated. The best kitchen remodeling trends used in this kitchen were from years ago. They lasted a good while, but now it’s time to update. We should do it with kitchen trends that will last.”

“I mean, I guess. I don’t really pay attention to stuff like that,” admits Justin. Amber smiles. “I know. Here, let me show you some of the trends going on in kitchens. If you like them, maybe we can look up some local remodelers.”

Here’s what Amber shows Justin:

Kitchen Remodeling Trends For Tucson

Before and after of a kitchen remodel

Some of the trends for kitchen remodels around Tucson are open-concept, L-shape layouts, large kitchen islands, and quartz countertops.

1. Open-Concept Style

Open-concept kitchens are ones that don’t have separation walls. Instead, you have one larger room. This can include the kitchen, living room, dining room, or a combination of different rooms.

You can use it to make your home more open and inviting. Whoever’s cooking won’t feel separate from everyone else. You can still cook and be a part of the action. Plus, there’s more room for more friends and family!

2. L-Shaped Kitchens

This kitchen remodeling trend helps out the chef while having a modern style. L-shaped kitchens have the ‘working triangle’ in mind. This means you can move quickly and easily between the sink, cooktop, and fridge.

You’ll also have a more open design, like the open-concept style. They usually take up kitchen corners, thus having more than one entrance and exit. This means fewer traffic jams and people to get in the chef’s way.

3. Large Kitchen Islands

We can always, always, use more counter space. One thing or another tends to take it up. It could be food, packages, homework, and who knows what else. This is why people love this kitchen remodeling trend.

Bonus Trend: Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are amazing because they look great and function wonderfully too! You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. Quartz is durable, doesn’t chip or crack easily, and is non-porous. This means it doesn’t stain easily and cleaning is a breeze.

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“Ok, now I can tell our kitchen is old,” says Justin. Amber nods in agreement. “Now that we’re on the same page, let’s see what other information we can find on this blog.”

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