Painting vs Staining Cabinets And Which Is Best For You

Learn The Differences So You Can Make The Best Choice For Your Home In Tucson
Modern kitchen with stained and painted cabinets

When it comes to painting vs staining cabinets for your home, the main differences are in how it looks and in how durable it is.

Discover the differences below-

Which Do We Want?

“It’s a tough choice between painting vs staining cabinets,” sighs Justin.

Amber nods. “Yes, they both seem like great choices. That could be because we don’t know all the differences between them. We know they look different, but besides that…”

Justin rolls his shoulders to stretch them out. “Well, sitting here talking about it isn’t going to solve anything. How about we look up the differences on Google? Then we might be able to come to a decision.”

Amber smiles and claps her hands. “That’s a great idea! Let’s do it right now. Then we can do the pros and cons of kitchen cabinet materials,” she says as she takes out her phone. She starts searching on Google, holding the phone so Justin can see too.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

Painting vs Staining Cabinets

A beautiful job fully remodeling this kitchen with stained cabinets and more

One main difference is in the look. Paint hides the natural characteristics of the wood while stains show them off. Stains also show off flaws in the wood. You’ll have more color choices with paint, too. Stains tend to be less expensive and are easier to touch up.

Painting Cabinets Pros And Cons

White painted kitchen cabinets in a more modern looking kitchen

Painting kitchen cabinets is ideal if you want a more modern look for your kitchen. The paint will hide the natural grains and flaws of the wood. It also works on more cabinet materials than stains do. Painting kitchen cabinets is more expensive than staining. It’s also harder to touch up. Dirt shows up more easily on painted cabinets.

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Staining Cabinets Pros And Cons

Stained kitchen cabinets


This is ideal if you want to see and even enhance the natural grains of the wood. There are lighter and darker stains for you to choose from. Stains are easier to touch up and costs less than paint does. Dirt doesn’t show up very easily.


You’ll also see flaws in the wood more easily. This means you’ll want higher-quality cabinets that have fewer flaws. This can drive up the overall cost for kitchen cabinets. You can really only use stains on wood cabinets. Stains don’t hide dust very well.

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“Based on this it seems like we’ll want to be staining our kitchen cabinets,” says Justin. Amber sighs in relief. “Okay, there’s that problem solved. I wonder if this blog can help us with anything else.”