Remodeling A Deck To Make It Safe For Family And Friends

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Find Out What This Family Had Us Do To Improve The Safety Of Their Tucson Home

This family remodeled their deck because of how unsafe it was. They were afraid to have anyone on it. It was costly but their peace of mind is worth it.

We Can’t Live In Fear Anymore

“Jay, our deck needs some serious attention before it up and collapses under us.”

Rosie waits for Jay to respond. “You mean like remodeling it or something?” he finally asks. Rosie nods. “Exactly. This is the perfect chance to remodel our deck. We can’t let people on that thing without having them sign a waiver first.”

The deck doesn’t look structurally sound. It’s got gaps that shouldn’t be where they are and it looks like it could fall apart at any time.

“Well, that’s ideal. I still have that one contractor’s card who worked on a project for our neighbor. I think it was Frei Remodeling. Let’s talk to him about remodeling our deck,” Jay suggests. Rosie smiles. “Great, sounds like a plan! Let’s contact him and see what he can do for us.”

The first thing the couple does is to check out the home additions page on Frei’s website. After that, they decide to contact him.

They talk to Joe Frei and he asks them to send him pictures of their deck. They schedule a phone consultation which leads the couple to schedule a paid in-home consultation. Frei comes out and works with them to paint an ideal picture.

“I think we should move forward with Frei,” Jay says after the consultation. “Me too! Let’s sign a contract and get on the schedule,” Rosie says excitedly.

Now they just have to wait for their project to start.

Remodeling A Deck To Make It Safe And Amazing

The Frei Remodeling team pulls up the morning of the project start date.

“I’m so glad we got to have a hand in this project,” Rosie says as she watches the trucks pull up. The couple got to help design their deck remodel and choose the materials. They went with the Trex composite decking and railing system.

The project ends up taking 8 weeks to complete. It turns out additional framing work needs to be done to make the deck more structurally sound.

The couple talks to Joe Frei about it and decides to keep going. They want their deck to be safe so they can have peace of mind when they have people over.

The Aftermath

$75,000 and 8 weeks later…

“We love our new deck!” the couple says in unison. “Now this is a deck I’d be comfortable grilling for several people on,” Jay says with a smile. Rosie nods in agreement. “I’d love to start hosting parties right away!”

The couple has a brand new deck that’s safe and amazing.

You can see all of the after pictures by clicking the little blue F in the upper right-hand corner of the below image:

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