Stock vs Custom Kitchen Cabinets And Why It Is Important To You

These Are The Differences You’ll Want To Know When Choosing For Your Kitchen In Tucson
White shaker style kitchen cabinets

When it comes to stock vs custom kitchen cabinets, the biggest differences are in the look, the quality, and the cost. There are others too.

Find them all below-

Will They Be Worth It?

“When it comes to stock vs custom kitchen cabinets? Definitely worth it,” says Amber.

Justin starts pacing as he thinks. “What are the differences between them? I know that stock is pre-designed while we get to design custom, but what else? If it’s just the look, then I don’t know…” he trails off. “I just want our kitchen to look as good as our friend’s remodeled kitchen in Oro Valley.

Amber nods knowingly. “Me too. Here, why don’t we look it up on Google? Then we should be able to reach a decision,” she says, picking up her phone. Amber starts searching on Google as Justin keeps pacing.

Here’s what she finds and shows to Justin:

Stock vs Custom Cabinets

Modern kitchen with white cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are pre-designed. This makes them cheaper and easier to get, but they lack personality and quality. You get to design your custom kitchen cabinets to fit your style. You’ll pay more for the personalization and quality.

Stock cabinets are typically between $75 and $400 per linear foot while custom cabinets are about $500 to $1,400.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets Pros And Cons

This is the kitchen cabinet choice when it comes to price and time.

Wood stained kitchen cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are cheaper and easier to replace than custom. They’re easier to work with too, making them better for DIY projects. You’ll find a nice variety of looks and colors. They’re cheaper and usually arrive more quickly than custom cabinets.

But, there’s a limit on sizes and styles. This really only makes them good for standard kitchens. You’ll see wear and tear more quickly on stock cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Pros And Cons

This is the kitchen cabinet choice when it comes to look and quality.

Wood stained raised panel kitchen cabinets

You can design your kitchen cabinets. They’ll have your personal touch and you’ll see it every time you walk into your kitchen. A personal design means they can fit into any kitchen design. Since custom cabinets are made with better material they’ll last longer than stock too.

You’ll be paying for the personal design and quality, though. The price can be much higher than stock. It can be worth it because custom cabinets last longer. They do take longer to get installed because they need to be built.

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“Oof, looks like we still need to do some looking. I’m still not sure what we should get,” says Justin. Amber nods. “I’m with you there. Maybe this blog has more information we can use.”