3 Types Of Flooring Popular With Homeowners In Tucson

See Pictures Of Flooring Projects Clients Had Us Do And Learn About The Popular Flooring Types

Clients in Tucson ask us to install these 3 popular types of flooring for their homes: tile, hardwood, and waterproof laminate.

See what they look like and more in the post below:


“Our floors? Ha, yeah, I guess in a way they are battle-scarred,” Justin chuckles dryly.

Amber nods. “Exactly. There are scratches and marks all over them from dropping things, moving objects, and who knows what else. It’s time for new flooring.”

Justin sighs. “Yeah, you’re right. So, what type of flooring should we get?” Amber frowns as she thinks. “I’m not sure. Neither of us knows much about flooring. We should look up types of flooring and choose from those. We’ll have to find a flooring contractor too.”

Amber gets out her phone to start searching Google. Justin leans over so he can see read too.

After searching, here are the 3 they are deciding between:

3 Popular Types Of Flooring

Three popular types of flooring for homes in Tucson are tile, hardwood, and waterproof laminate. Tile is great for bathrooms and kitchens. Hardwood works well in kitchens, living rooms, and other areas. Waterproof laminate flooring can work pretty much anywhere.

Types Of Tile Flooring

You can choose between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

They’re nearly identical, but porcelain is technically a type of ceramic. The difference is porcelain has a higher density and is smoother to the touch. This means porcelain tiles are stronger and more water-resistant than ceramic tiles. Due to this, porcelain is harder to make and thus more of an investment.

They work well in kitchens and bathrooms. Since they are so hard this type of flooring isn’t the easiest to stand on for a long time. Many people put smaller rugs or carpets over them to make it easier.

As for the look, you can make tile look like almost anything. Natural stone, hardwood, almost any pattern or design is possible.

Hardwood Flooring

Classic, beautiful, and timeless.

Hardwood flooring is a look that will never go out of style, especially the higher grades of hardwood floors. They’re even making tile that looks like hardwood! It’s because hardwood has a warm and inviting look to it, making it ideal for homes.

Many people use hardwood for their living rooms, hallways, and sometimes kitchens. Hardwood is fairly easy to maintain, you’ll just want to clean up spills quickly. Moisture can damage hardwood faster than most people think.

You can also use engineered hardwood. It has a thin layer of hardwood put down over plywood. It’s easier to care for and less costly.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Laminate used to have a huge flaw: water.

While laminate flooring has the same look as hardwood or stone, it’s nowhere near as water-resistant. Well, until now.

This type of flooring is also easy to install, easy to maintain, easily cleanable, scratch-resistant, and cost-effective.

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“So, which of these types of flooring should we get?” asks Justin. “I think we should look around for more information before deciding,” Amber suggests.

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