The Pros And Cons Of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tucson Homeowners Need To Know

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Learn What People In Tucson Consider Before Deciding How To Improve Their Kitchen Cabinets

The pros and cons of painting kitchen cabinets mostly concern how it will look, protection, expense, and how easy it is to maintain. It’s a great Tucson kitchen remodeling project!

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Which Finish To Choose?

“I think we should paint our kitchen cabinets,” says Amber.

Justin raises an eyebrow as he thinks. “Well it’s either that or we stain them. I’m pretty much ok with either.” Amber sighs. “Come on, don’t be so passive. The cabinets are the biggest part of the kitchen. It has the most impact on the look!”

“Ok, you have a good point there. I guess it is pretty important. Ok, then I suggest we look up the pros and cons of painting kitchen cabinets on Google,” says Justin.

Amber smiles and unlocks her phone. “Just like when we looked up the best woods for kitchen cabinets. Let’s see if it works twice!”

Here’s what the couple ends up finding:

The Pros Of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

You can make your cabinets look like new! Paint can help give them a fresh new look. Paint also gives kitchens a more modern feel. Plus, paint is pretty good at hiding dust.

But paint is more than just a look. Paint can also protect your cabinets from heat and moisture damage. Bathrooms and kitchens have plenty of heat and moisture cabinets need protection from.

Painting your kitchen cabinets will be cheaper than replacing them. You can take the rest of the money and invest it somewhere else.

There are plenty of color options to choose from too. Speaking of options, you don’t have to stick to a certain material when it comes to paint. Paint works on wood, particleboard, and other cabinet materials.

The Cons Of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

While cheaper than replacing, painting kitchen cabinets is more expensive than staining. Plus, painting doesn’t work if the cabinets have damages. They’ll either stand out more or make the paint crack more quickly.

Painting is also not very DIY-friendly. It’s a lengthy and complicated process.

While dust hides on paint well, dirt and other materials don’t. It’ll be pretty easy to spot when painted cabinets get dirty. They’re also harder to touch up if the paint starts failing.


The pros and cons of painting kitchen cabinets lean more toward the pro. It may cost more but you’ll be paying for a quality product and a beautiful new look.

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“Now all we need is to read about the pros and cons of staining kitchen cabinets. Then, we can make a decision,” plans out Amber. Justin nods and starts searching Google for answers.